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Office Orders

Subject Dated
Order : Senior Resident Adhock  
SR Joining Time (Dt. 27.05.2020)  
Promotion Order as Professors and Associate Professors 31.05.2019
Station allotment to promoted Assistant Professors  
Posting Orders of professors promoted in DPC 14.09.2018  

Posting orders of Associate Professors promoted in DPC 18.10.2018


Promotion order as Associate Professor dated 31.10.2018

Promotion Order as Professor dated 29.09.2018 29.09.2018
DPC Proceedings dated 14.09.2018  
Applications are invited for Selection of Senior Residents  
Extension in joining time of Senior Residents  
Selection Order of Senior Residents (Dt. 01.08.2018)  
Selection Order of Senior Residents  
Dr. Gurdeep Singh Kalyan- Reg. Charge of Director, Medical Education and Research, (DRME) Punjab, President, PNRC and Registrar, Council of Homoeopathy System of Medicine, Punjab. 11.08.2017
Corrigendum regarding promotion and posting orders  
Posting orders of Professors and Associate Professors  
Promotion and posting orders of Dr. Maninder Kaur as Prof. Biochemistry  
Promotion orders as Professors and Associate Professor in reference of DPC dated 09.05.2017  
Orders of Withdrawal of Essentially Certificates / N.O.Cs of Gian Sagar Institutes  
Dr. Sujata Sharma, Director Medical Education & Research- Regarding charge of President PNRC and Registrar Homoeopathy Council 28.12.2016
Regarding joining time of SR 22.12.2016
Posting Order of Assistant Professors 21.12.2016
Dr. Sujata Sharma- Reg. Charge of Director, Medical Education and Research, (DRME) Punjab. 20.12.2016
Order - Selection as Senior Resident 20.12.2016
Promotion as Assistant Professor 20.12.2016
Retirement Order 31.08.2016
Joining Time - SR  
Cancellation of Transfer - Dr. Ashok Kumar 21.07.2016
Debar for SR - Dr. Sunny Arora 21.07.2016
Corrigendum- Correction in Name- Dr. Mandeep Kaur 20.07.2016
Transfer Order  - Dr. Kamal Joty 20.07.2016
Order dated 19.07.2016- Selection as Senior Resident 19.07.2016
Corrigendum Dr. Chanpreet Kaur Pawar 06.07.2016
Dr. Princy Mittal- Extension in joining time 06.07.2016
Retirement Order -Dr. Raghuvir Singh Assistant Professor 06.07.2016
Promotion Order- Dr. Iqbal Singh 27.06.2016
Transfer Order dated 23.06.2016  
Transfer Order - Dr. Kamal Arora 22.06.2016
Order - Dr. Partap Singh Verka 15.06.2016
Selection orders of Senior Residents 15.06.2016
Order- Promotion as Assistant Professor 06.06.2016
Promotion and Posting orders of Doctors 20/21.01.2016

Promotion as Senior Librarian - Smt. Kamlesh Kumari

Promotion as Senior Medical Laboratory Technician -Smt. Ajit Kaur 03.02.2016
Voluntary Retirement Dr. Rajnish Sharma 29.01.2016
Selection Orders of Senior Residents 04.12.2015
Promotion orders from MLT 2 to MLT-1 04.11.2015
Promotion orders from Lab Attendant to Medical Lab Technician Grade -2 04.11.2015
Promotion orders of Asstt Librarian to Sr Librarian 26.10.2015
Promotion order of photographer to photocine officer 26.10.2015
Posting order after promotion 07.09.2015
Promotion Order 04.09.2015
Appointment on Contract Basis as Reader at Ayurvedic College Patiala 25.08.2015
Transfer Order- Dr. Harpal Singh 30.06.2015
Transfer Orders - Dr. Jasbir Kumar (Amended) 30.06.2015
Transfer Order- Dr. Sukhwinder Pal Singh Sooch 30.06.2015
Transfer Orders of Doctors 29.06.2015
Selection Order of Senior Residents 21.05.2015
Probation Clearance Order 12.05.2015
Appointment on the basis of Contract-Sh. Rakesh Kumar & Sh. Satyanand Kumar 12.05.2015
Selection Order of Senior Residents 12.05.2015
Re-Appointment - Dr. Ardaman Singh, Professor Medicine  (Retd.) 11.05.2015
Probation Clearance Order 6&7.05.2015
Order - Reg. Demands of Contractual Staff 30.04.2015
Promotion Orders -  Liftman to Electrician 29.04.2015
Promotion Orders - Class-IV to Lab Attendant 29.04.2015
Selection orders of Senior Residents  27.03.2015
Selection orders of Senior Residents  10.02.2015
Reg. Charge of Director, Medical Education and Research, Pb. (DRME)-              Dr. Manjit Kaur Mohi 09.02.2015
Orders of Nursing Staff at Govt. College of Nursing Patiala and Amritsar 30.12.2014
Reg. Charge of Director, Med. Edu. & Res. (DRME)- Dr. Gurdeep Singh Kalyan 17.10.2014
Reg. Additional Charge of DRME, President PNRC, Registrar Punjab Medical Council and Chairman, Ayurveda Board. 26.09.2014
Promotion Order - Dr. Gurpal Singh Sachdeva 10.09.2014
Posting Order -Dr. KK Obrai, Dr. Manmeet Kaur Sodhi 10.09.2014
Posting Order - Dr. Jai Kishan, Professor TB & Chest 20.07.2014
Minutes of DPC 20.06.2014
Minutes of DPC 06.06.2014
Promotion Order-Dr. Rajesh Kumar 22.07.2014
Promotion Order-Dr. Balbir Malhotra 22.07.2014
Orders of Nursing Staff 21.07.2014
Promotion As Assistant Professor  - Dr. Amandeep Singh 07.07.2014
Transfer Order - Nursing Staff 26.06.2014
Promotion order Electrician to Electrician Grade-2 12.06.2014
Promotion order from Asstt Dental Mach to Dental machenic 12.06.2014
Promotion order from Elect Gr-1 to Sr Elect Tech 12.06.2014
Promotion orders fro Lab Attendant to Lab Tech Grade-2 12.06.2014
Promotion orders from Medical Lab Tech Grade-2 to Grade-1 12.06.2014
Re-employment Order - Dr. Jasjit Kaur Dhillon, Assistant Professor Physiology 27.05.2014
Appointment Order - Dr. Manmeet Kaur Sodhi As Associate Professor Paediatrics 23.05.2014
Prpmption Order - Dr. Uma Gujral As Associate Professor 21.05.2014
Appointment Order - Dr. Dimple Chopra As Associate Professor Skin & VD 16.05.2014
Appointment Order - Dr. Sarabjit Kaur As Assistant Professor Obst. & Gynaecology. 16.05.2014
Appointment Order- Dr. Suprana Grover As Assistant Professo Obst. & Gynaecology. 16.05.2014
Appointment Order - Dr. Tripat Kaur Bindra As Associate Professor Aneasthesia 16.05.2014
NOC for SR- Dr. Partibha Mangotra 29.04.2014
NOC for SR- Dr. Manpreet Kaur 29.04.2014
Posting Order- Dr. Harash Bala, Assistant Professor Medicine 05.05.2014
Order- Dr. Ashok Duggal, Associate Professor Medicine 22.04.2014
Promotion Order- Dr. Manjit Singh, Ptomotion as Assistant Professor 22.04.2014
Duty as observer - MCI Election 09.04.2014
Ex-India Leave - Dr. Harjot Kaur Bagga, Professor Radio Therapy 07.04.2014
Dismissal Order-Dr. Mukhtiyar Singh 27.03.2014
Order dt. 28.02.2014  held in abeyance - Dr. Ranjna 07.03.2014
Posting Order As Principal and Vice Principal Govt. Medical College, Amritsar 05.03.2014
Promotion Orders of Doctors in various departments 05.03.2014
Promotion Order - Dr. Ranjna Associate Professor 28.02.2014
Promotion Orders - MLT 19.02.2014
Probation Clearance Order 13.02.2014
Promotion Orders - Psychiatry Department  10.02.2014
Posting Orders - Psychiatry Department  10.02.2014
Promotion Orders of Doctors in various departments 10.02.2014
Posting  Orders of Doctors in various departments 10.02.2014
Re-employment Order - Dr. Karnail Singh 31.01.2014
Orders of additional charge of Principal GMC Amritsar 31.01.2014
Promotion Orders MLT Grade 1 to SMLT 10.01.2014
Promotion Order MLT Grade 2 to MLT Grade 1 10.01.2014
Promotion Order Artist-CUM Photographer 10.01.2014
Promotion Order Senior Photographer 10.01.2014
Promotion and Posting Order 09.01.2014
Posting As Medical Superintendent SGTB Hospital Amritsar 06.01.2014
Posting/Promotion Order 31.12.2013
Promotion Orders of Para Ancillary Staff- Artist 26.12.2013
Promotion Orders of Para Ancillary Staff- OTS 26.12.2013
Promotion Orders of Para Ancillary Staff- Photographer 26.12.2013
Promotion Orders of Para Ancillary Staff- Sr. Librarian 26.12.2013
Transfer Order of  Dr. Tarsem Singh & Dr. Rumel Singh 18.12.2013
Posting Order - Dr. Jatinder Pal, Assistant Professor Radiodiagnosis 17.12.2013
Appointment Order- Dr. Samira Sharma, Dr. Bikramjeet Singh, Dr. Anubha Garg 11.12.2013
Appointment Order- Dr. Neeraj Sharma 11.12.2013
Appointment Order- Dr. Akash Deep Aggarwal 11.12.2013
Promotion and Posting Orders - Anesthesia Department 05.12.2013
Promotion Orders of Doctors in various department 03.12.2013
Posting Orders of Doctors in various department 03.12.2013
Promotion Order Dr. Bhupinder Singh Walia 03.12.2013
Appointment Orders of Doctors in various departments 26.11.2013
Appointment Orders of Doctors in various departments 26.11.2013
DPC/Promotion Order 26.11.2013
Order As Joint Director - Dr. Gurdeep Singh Kalyan 17.10.2013
Promotion Order - Dr. Maridu Gupta, Professor 17.10.2013
Premature Retirement Order - Dr. Sukhdial Singh Shergill Professor and Head 04.10.2013
Senior Resident's Selection Order 25.09.2013
Promotion Order- Promotion as Assistant Professor 20.09.2013
Posting / Transfer Order- Dr. Karnail Singh as Principal Govt. Medical College Amritsar 13.09.2013
Order Dr. Ashwani Kumar Assistant Professor 22.08.2013
Regularization Order (Assistant Professors) 07.08.2013

Reinstate Order- Dr. K.K.Locham

Deputation Order-Dr. Namita Khanna 29.07.2013
Services of Anaesthetist From the Outside  25.07.2013
Debar order- Dr. Harish Arora Assistant Professor 24.07.2013
Promotion order - Dr. Balwinder Kaur Assistant Professor 22.07.2013
Cancelation of Transfer Order 18.07.2013
Regularization Order 16.07.2013.
Proceedings (Dental)-  Sealed Covers 10.07.2013
DPC (Dental)- Posting Order 12.07.2013
DPC (Dental)- Promotion Order 12.07.2013
DPC (Medical)- Posting Order 12.07.2013
DPC (Medical)- Promotion Order 12.07.2013
DPC Order - Dentistry Deptt. 09.07.2013
Appointment on Contract- Dr. Kulkarni Vehbhav 05.07.2013
Appointment on Contract- Dr. Dharampal Bhatt 05.07.2013
Appointment on Contract- Dr. Manju Saini 05.07.2013
Appointment on Contract- Dr. Basant Kumar 05.07.2013
Appointment on Contract- Dr. Nitin Ujalya 05.07.2013
Appointment on Contract- Dr. Anjna Takk 05.07.2013
Promotion order as Professor 05.07.2013
Posting order -Professor Dentistry 05.07.2013
Posting order- Professor/Assistant Professor 05.07.2013
Ex-India Leave-  Dr. Jagdeep Singh Rehncy, Senior Resident Orthopedics 31-05-2013
Promotion - Dr. Rupinder Bakhshi  28.05.2013
Study Leave- Jaswinder Singh Demonstrator Pharmacy  22.05.2013
Adjustment Order-Dr. PK Pandav, Assistant Professor. 05.04.2013
Suspension Order (Private Practice)-Dr. VK Mittal 28.03.2013
Notification- Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Registrar Pb. Dental Council Appointed As Returning Officer 20.03.2013
Adjustment Order- Dr. Rajiv Kumar Dhawan Assistant Professor 14.03.2013
Adjustment Order-Dr. Rajiv Arora Associate Professor and Dr.Ramesh Kumar Kundal, Professor 14.03.2013
Order as Director, Med. Edu. & Res., Pb. - Dr. Tejbir Singh 12.03.2013
Debar order as DRME  Dr. Anita Gupta 12.03.2013
Adjustment Order Dr. Anuradha, Lecturer 12.03.2013
Adjustment Order Dr. S.K. Sidhu, Lecturer 08.03.2013
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